Orange chili salmon

The flavors and ease of this recipe made it a new go-to for me!

Easy, easy, easy! This dinner was pieced together based on what I had on hand. I knew I wanted to try this flavor of salmon, and I had packaged kale coleslaw that I needed to use before it went bad. Halfway through cooking the coleslaw I grabbed the Mexican flavored chickpeas I made two days prior and tossed them in. The result: a delicious meal that I added to my “go to” list!

1. The chickpea recipe was posted last week and you can get it here, BUT it’s not necessary. You can add them straight from the can or choose another carb. Also, you can adjust the carb amount by using more, or less, chickpeas.
2. I’ve seen packaged cabbage, broccoli and kale coleslaws, and I’m sure there are more. Pick whichever you like because they’ll all work in this recipe!

Servings: 2
Cook Time: 15 mins

Calories: 333
Total Fat: 13g
Total Carbs: 28g
Fiber: 6g
Protein: 28g

2 Salmon Fillets
½ Tbsp Chili Powder
¼ t Salt
1½ Tbsps Brown Sugar
1 Tbsp Oil
2 c Packaged Kale Coleslaw (or any)
⅔ c Roasted Garbanzo Beans* (or carb of choice)
Orange Zest

Medium sized Skillet

1. Heat skillet on medium heat.
2. Sprinkle the fillets with chili powder and salt, then pack on the brown sugar.
3. When skillet is hot, add oil, then salmon. Cook until the sides turn white, almost halfway up. Flip and cook another 2-4 mins, depending on the thickness. Total time shouldn’t exceed 10 mins. Remove the salmon to rest on serving plate.
4. In the same pan, add coleslaw and beans to the skillet and cook to desired texture. Kale cooks down like spinach, and the other veggies will become limp.
*Roasted garbanzo beans are recommended, but not necessary. If using beans straight from the can, rinse and drain well, toss in the spice mix below, and cook long enough to heat through. If using roasted beans, cook time is irrelevant.
¼ t Cumin
¼ t Garlic
⅛ t Chili Powder
⅛ t Cayenne
Pinch of Salt
5. Transfer to plate and sprinkle with salt. Lightly zest some orange on top of the salmon.

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