Hi! I’m Traci…

….the founder and sole content creator of The Gestational Diabetic. Thank you for coming to inquire about working with me. This page should answer most of your questions.

The Gestational Diabetic was birthed from significant gaps in the healthcare education and nutrition markets, as well as my personal experience with gestational diabetes. After struggling through the diagnosis, I felt led to empower other moms through education, and help them manage their diagnosis with less stress.

If interested, you can read more about my diagnosis story and founding The Gestational Diabetic.

Why TGD is a Standout Blog

When I started this blog, there were no other platforms or content creators addressing gestational diabetics. In 2019, multiple creators popped up, most being moms casually logging visual food diaries, and others being dietitians to offer services.

What makes this blog special is that I couple the evidence-based education with the personal experience of having endured the diagnosis.

Changing your relationship with food is no small feat, but a gestational diabetic diagnosis requires that it be done immediately. Because I understand this, I’m able to direct and admonish moms to make better food choices while being compassionate and relating to them at every stress point.

Every piece of content I publish is grounded in this unique view point. It’s why moms come to me to learn about the diagnosis and figure out what to eat.

My Audience

My audience is vastly women in their second trimester of pregnancy who are recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes. They have a flood of emotions and questions, and they are most interested in bite-size information and actionable steps.

By far, meal plans are their favorite and most helpful content, followed by breakfasts, desserts, and snacks.

You can see demographics on my media kit.


In considering partnerships with brands, the benefit to my audience is the foremost concern. It’s imperative that I uphold the relationship with them and maintain their trust.

Your goals and messaging are important to me as well, and I find that using personal messaging (derived from your messaging) in sponsored content produces the best results.

What works best with my audience is content that’s incorporated into their lives routinely. Meal plans, or other series, are the BEST way to introduce and incorporate your product; ideally, spread over a 3-month period. The reason for this suggestion is so they can discover, try, and fall in love with your product while the messaging continuously reinforced.

If a long term contract doesn’t suit your needs, I do offer a limited number of one-off sponsored posts each month. Even though it’s a one-time post, my focus is on creating evergreen content with the goal of driving readers to that post over and over in years to come.

Sponsored posts come standard with one share to Facebook, Instagram, Instagram and Facebook Stories, Pinterest, and email.
More social shares and/or video can be added to the standard package.

Although preferred for my readers, I’m not limited to these packages. We can discuss and design a campaign to fit your needs. Please contact me to do so.
No standard rate sheet is available because it’s better to create a campaign based on what will help you reach your goals.
A firm budget is extremely helpful in catering the proposal to be in line with your finances.

Getting the Most from Our Partnership

Sponsored content is guaranteed to stay live on The Gestational Diabetic for one year, or the length of time negotiated, but any content that continuously has reader engagement after the first year will remain live.

The best way to ensure your sponsored content lives on for years to come is to give me creative control in our partnership. Sometimes when brands try to control the message or direction of sponsored campaigns too tightly, the authenticity is lost and readers don’t respond as anticipated.

Ready to Chat?

Great – I’m excited to talk with you! When you contact me, please provide as much information as possible about your product, goals and budget.