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Starbucks has some sugar free options that you can order on the gestational diabetes diet! We examined their entire menu.

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So far, in this series, we’ve gone through the McDonald’s and Taco Bell menus.  You can click on either name to view that post. This week I chose Starbucks because I saw on Instagram (so I believed it 😂) that Starbucks uses a high-glycemic sweetener as a sugar free option. Of course, I investigated and found out that wasn’t true. So I looked at their menu to see how you can satisfy your craving without forsaking your diet.

Their menu is huge so this is kind of all over the place. Before getting to it, check out our recipe for Candied Pecans from Saturday.

Sticking close to our 30g carbohydrate limit, here are some acceptable items from the bakery. Because these items are moderately high in carbs, it’s best to avoid them for breakfast. They aren’t nutritionally good enough to stand alone, but if you want to satisfy a craving, be sure to eat them with more food!
– The Cheese Danish has 33g carbs and reduced fat cream cheese, but is still 14g fat and 7g protein.
– Everybody’s Favorite Bantam Bagel (2-pack) has 28g carbs. It’s stuffed with cream cheese and has 8g fat and 6g protein.
– French Toast Bantam Bagels (2-pack) and Classic Bantam Bagels (2-pack) have slightly different numbers but the same pairings of fat, carbs and protein.
– The Everything Croissant has 29g carbs with 16g fat and 8g protein.
– The Butter Croissant has a few less carbs and protein.

When it comes to salads, they are relatively safe except for the Summer Melon & Leafy Greens and Roasted Carrot & Kale Side Salad. These two aren’t worth the carbs for the amount of food. You’ll likely still be hungry but will have used all of your carb allowance. Aside from these two, be sure that the carbs are worth what you’re getting so that you’re satisfied. The nutrition info includes the dressing, so if you really want the salad, maybe use only a portion of the dressing, or remove the sugary or carb-heavy component.

Protein Boxes!
UNACCEPTABLE! These boxes are various mixes that are all high carb; unsuitable for the gestational diabetes diet.

The Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich has 35g carbs, 25g fat and 21g protein.
The Turkey & Havarti Sandwich has 31g carbs, 21g fat and 29g protein.

Breakfast Items
The only items suitable for breakfast from the breakfast menu are the Sous Vide Egg Bites variations; all 13g carbs or less.
If you’re wanting breakfast for lunch, you’re open to a few more items if you’re allowed more than 30g carbs. You can view the breakfast menu here.

The drink menu is vast, so I won’t list drinks; instead, I’ll tell you what to look out for.

Sugar – By default, drinks are sweetened with sugar. Some are sweetened twice, like the Chai and Matcha flavored drinks. They come as pre-made powder mixes that contain sugar, and more sugar is added when the drink is made to order.
Drinks with Skinny in the name are technically sugar free. They are sweetened with sucralose, which has a 0% glycemic index. Also sweetened with sucralose are three sugar free syrups: Mocha, Cinnamon Dolce and Vanilla. Even those these are sugar free, the drink may still have a considerable number of carbs.
If you order a drink outside of these syrups, order it without the Classic Syrup (liquid sugar). They have other sweeteners, including Stevia, that can be mixed into the drink, or that you can mix in yourself.

Milk – Keep in mind that milk is categorized as a carbohydrate in this diet. Starbucks has six options for “milk,” but know that substituting will alter the taste, sometimes dramatically. I order the White Chocolate Mocha every time, and one day I tried it with almond milk 🤢. I like almond milk but it was a terrible substitution.

Teas are the safest options, but you should look up the facts before ordering. Some teas aren’t sweetened at all, a few stay below 20g of sugar, but the majority are 30g and above.

The one drink worth mentioning is the Evolution Fresh Organic Green Devotion. It’s a blend of green veggies with no added sugars. You can sweeten it yourself and get in extra veggies!

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