What Not To Eat

Gestational Diabetes – What not to eat When you’re first diagnosed with gestational diabetes, what not to eat is one of your first concerns. You actually can eat anything you want until your blood sugar readings tell you that you can’t. However, there are some items that are beneficial to avoid or strictly portion.
  1. Added sugar! – Grocery store shelves are stocked with items that have tons of added sugar. This is why it’s best to minimize the processed foods you eat, and eat “real food” meals that you make yourself. Fortunately, low-glycemic sweeteners are common and can be found at any grocery store. Click here to get an idea and find out what “sugar free” means.
  2. Starchy vegetables – Potatoes, winter squash, corn, etc. These are likely high-glycemic, meaning they will effect your blood sugar more quickly than table sugar.
  3. Juices & soda – Fruit juices are almost always made from concentrate, which means there are more sugars in the juice than if you were to eat the actual fruit. Diet soda is a better choice than regular soda, or flavored, carbonated water.
  4. White grains – Choose brown rice or quinoa to replace white rice. For breads and pasta, make sure they are made with whole wheat. It should be the first ingredient on the package. Other options like protein-fortified pasta and seeded breads are good too. Barilla has a Protein Plus pasta line that is commonly found, and Dave’s Killer Bread is a few options and is found in all grocers.
  5. White flour – It’s basically just empty carbs. Replace it with whole wheat flour, nut flours, etc. Corn tortillas are a better option than flour tortillas, or choose a low-carb, high-fiber pack.

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