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We can’t always be prepared, but we do have to eat. This series tells what’s acceptable for the gestational diabetes diet at popular fast food restaurants.

Last week’s McDonald’s post got an overwhelming response so hopefully this is helpful content that you’ll continue to enjoy. We are here to serve you!

Listed are menu items 30g of carbohydrates and below.

Last week we explored McDonald’s menu and you can check that post here. This week, the numbers say that Taco Bell is feasible! No burritos made the list 🙁 but you can view Taco Bell’s nutrition page and calculator here.

-Hashbrowns: 13g
-All Breakfast Soft Tacos: 15g
-Mini Skillet Bowl: 16g
-Sausage Flatbread Quesidilla: 27g.

Drinks (30oz or less)
-Iced & Rainsforest Coffees, Diet sodas, Brisk Peach Green Tea, Lipton Brewed Unsweetened Tea, Sobe Lifewater and Aquafina Sparkling Berry Breeze all have 0-3 carbs BUT some of these drinks contain other sweeteners, so they may still elevate blood sugar.
-G-2 Fruit Punch makes the list with 13g, but 12 of those are sugar.

Tacos, Gorditas & Chalupas
-(Single layer) Doritos Locos Tacos and the Crunchy Taco are 13g each. Making them Supreme adds 2g.
-Fresco Tacos range 14-18g.
-Chicken, Beef and Steak Soft Tacos fall between 16-18g, and making them Supreme adds 2g.
-The Spicy Potato Soft Taco has 27g.
-Chicken & Steak Gordita Supremes are right at 30g.
-Naked Chicken Chalupas are just over 20g.

-The 2-pack Cinnabon Delights are 17g, 10 of which are sugar.
-An order of Cinnamon Twists is 27g, 13 being sugar.

Specialties & Sides
-Spicy Tostada: 22g
-Meximelt: 19g
-Beefy & Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla: 17g & 15g respectively.
-All sides except the Beans & Rice are under 30g.
-Pintos ‘n Cheese and Spicy Tostada both have 22g.

An honorable mention is the Double Tostada (regional) at 32g, 8 of which are fiber.

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