A few months ago a mom said that she gave in and got pancakes at IHOP and was surprised that her sugar was within range, so I looked into it!

Carb heaven, right! Obviously the 30g carb standard we’ve been following is out the window. Outside of the obvious low-carb items like eggs and meat, and the toppings IHOP offers, there are few menu items under 50g carbs. IHOP‘s menu is in PDF format, which is pretty unfriendly after using the customizable menus on fast food sites like McDonald’s.

Quick alternatives – Pretty much everyone knows about Kodiak Cakes as a good pancake/waffle during this diet. ABS Pancakes is also a good replacement with way less carbs, but must be ordered online. They average out to be $1 per pancake and you can use code ABSFIRST for 10% off. There are 13 different flavors between these two companies, so plenty to choose from!

-2 Original Buttermilk Pancakes have 38g carbs, 2g fiber and 8g protein. Is anyone else as shocked as I am?
-2 Rooty Tooty Fresh-n-Fruity Pancakes without toppings are 39g carbs. Toppings are strawberries (13g), peaches (14g) and raspberries (18g).
Signature Pancake Sliders: 49g carbs and 46g protein.
-Omelets are really good on protein, of course, but the carbs differ a lot so you should check to see if what you like is within range.
-Hashbrowns are 28g carbs.

-Choose Corn Tortillas over Flour because 2 corn tortillas (24g carbs) have half the carbs of 1 flour tortilla.
-For bread, the menu says these numbers include butter and jam/jelly. The English Muffin has the least amount of carbs at 25g, followed by Sourdough at 39g; white bread follows at 43g;  whole wheat has 52g, but whole wheat is low glycemic. You be the judge.
-Garlic Bread – 17g carbs.
-Fries – 41g carbs.
-Corned Beef Hash – 29g carbs, 17 g protein.

Soups: All are 20-30 carbs.

-Caesar Grilled Salad: 32g carbs, 51g protein.
-The bacon/cheese/burger(s) are 39-40g carbs. When it comes to burgers just half the bun or nix it altogether.
-Hot & Spicy Wings with dressing: 29g carbs.
-Tilapia Florentine – 34g carbs, 43g protein.
-Smoked Sausage – 38g carbs, 23g protein.
-40-50g carbs are Savory Pork Chop & T-Bone Steak meals and the Bacon Crusted Chicken with Red Potato Hash.
-Country Fried Steak with Country Gravy comes in at 49g carbs, but it has 28g protein.

-Crepe and Ice Cream without filling or topping is 33g carbs!
-Ice Cream Sundae without topping is 30g carbs, and the Kids’ version is half that!

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