What to Eat for the Pregnancy  Glucose Test

The glucose test is less about passing and more about a healthy pregnancy.

The best chance of passing the test is to eat a healthy diet throughout pregnancy.

But it's important to know the gestational diabetes test is NOT a grade of your health, body, or pregnancy!

Eating prior to the 1-hour test is necessary to reduce the chances of a false positive or false negative. But what do you eat??

Eat what you normally eat! Not changing a thing about what you eat is how you will get the most accurate results.

Eat before the 1-hour test Eat 2-3 hours before the test Eat what you normally eat

What to Remember

Attempting to “cheat” for a positive result will give you inaccurate information and put you and baby at increased risk for complications.

Moms with gestational diabetes can, and do, have healthy babies.

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