Tortillas for Diabetics


Corn, flour, whole wheat: Which tortilla won't spike blood sugar? With tons of dietary fiber here are 9 of the best tortillas for diabetics, plus 2 more low glycemic options!

Tortillas for Diabetics

Guerrero Tortillas

The Nutri-Ricas Carb Watch line by Guerrero include flaxseed which boosts nutrition and healthy fat, but on the downside they also use hydrogenated oils.

In addition to their nutrient density they are pillow-y soft and flexible, and similar in taste to white flour tortillas.

Ole Mexican Foods Carb Lean tortillas

Whole-Wheat Tortillas

Whole grain or whole-wheat tortillas are a healthy choice due to their minimal processing.

Corn tortillas are very similar to whole wheat tortillas in grams of carbs and glycemic index. They are a whole grain as well.

Corn Tortillas

Mission's Carb Balance Tortillas

These tortillas that taste almost exactly like white flour tortillas but with less carbs and a high fiber content.

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