12+ Resistant Starch Foods List

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Starchy foods have a new appreciation now that we highlight their resistant starch that functions like dietary fiber! We can eat and enjoy better health with the high resistant starch foods on this list. Based on 100 grams serving.

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The resistant starch content varies among different bread types, with wheat sourdough containing 3.3, rye having 3, mixed grain featuring 2.6, and white bread containing 1.


Cooled soft corn tortillas contain 4.1, hard shell corn tortillas have 2.7, and freshly baked soft corn tortillas feature 2.6.


The resistant starch levels differ among grains, with native barley registering 3.4, while corn hominy grits exhibit a content of 1.3.


Butter or lima beans have a resistant starch content of 6.4, while kidney beans measure 3.8, cannellini beans register at 3.6, and black beans, when served cold, increase to 4.7.


Potato salad contains 5.2, fried potatoes have 3.8, and baked russet potatoes, when served cold, measure 3.9.


For rice, the resistant starch content differs between varieties: white, long grain, stir-fried, and served cold have 4.5, while white, short grain, stir-fried, and served cold have 3.7.