We are overexposed to sugar, so the likelihood of cutting all sweets cold turkey is slim to none. Thankfully we have other options that deliver the sweet but require some recipe adjustments.

Molasses, maple syrup, date sugar, beet sugar and honey all effect blood sugar the same (with slight variation). These should be avoided if possible.

Raw honey (preferably from local beekeeper) and coconut sugar are better options since they have about half of the effect that sugar has.

Agave is a personal favorite. It has one fourth of the effect sugar does and two different tastes. The light syrup has a mild honey taste and the dark tastes similar to dark brown sugar. But since it’s a liquid, you can’t just substitute it for sugar. (Sugar provides stability and structure in baked goods.)

Then you have sweeteners that have ZERO effect like Stevia, Erythritol, etc. These have distinct tastes so they don’t work with all recipes in terms of hiding the fact that sugar isn’t being used. Also, Stevia is sweeter than sugar so you’d use less. Good brands are Truvia (in the tub) and Swerve. Most alternative sweeteners have conversion charts on their packaging.

This is not all inclusive. Which sweeteners have you been using?

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