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This meal plan challenge is for you if you:
  1. Don’t want to worry about high carbs
  2. Don’t want to meal plan yourself
  3. Have no clue where to start
  4. Are brand new to the diet
  5. Don’t know what to eat
  6. Are tried of eating the same foods
  7. Want the hard part done for you
  8. Want to reclaim your time, energy and stress from THINKING about what to eat
  9. Want new recipes to try

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This 6 day challenge gets you started on the right track for gestational diabetes with meals that are super easy to make (mostly under 30 minutes) and snacks that are real food, healthy and don’t require a lot of work.

Everything is laid out for you into a full meal plan with prep instructions to minimize your time in the kitchen, a shopping list, easy swappable ingredients, tips for added flavor and/or nutrition and more! It’s all done for you!

It’s the perfect kick off of diagnosis to help you adjust so that you don’t waste your time or energy on deciding what to eat. Truly STRESS-FREE!

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