Our Story

In the midst of what was the most hectic time in her life, our founder was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during her first pregnancy. It dropped like a bomb. The concern for Baby’s health was a hovering storm cloud and trying to fathom a lifestyle change at that point was beyond overwhelming. Discouraged and confused after leaving the nutritionist’s office, she went home and typed ‘gestationaldiabetes.com’ and ‘gestationaldiabetesdiet.com’ in the web browser. To her surprise, neither site existed. Even more confused, she read a few of the results from a Google search and ended feeling no more informed than before searching.

Fast forward two years, after delivering a healthy baby and another 13 months later without a Gestational Diabetes diagnosis, it occurred to her that others go through the exact circumstances she faced. Those feelings of wanting to provide for and protect Baby but feeling overwhelmed and defeated are emotions that probably every Gestational Diabetes mother undergoes. So, The Gestational Diabetic brand was created to serve the community. It started as an idea for a cookbook and very quickly morphed into a multifaceted brand that is determined to establish familiarity and trust by addressing the needs of the community and relieve some of Mama’s stress.

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