Our Story

In the midst of what was the most hectic time in my life, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my first pregnancy. It dropped like a bomb. The concern for Baby’s health was a hovering storm cloud, and trying to fathom a lifestyle change at that point was beyond overwhelming. Discouraged and confused after leaving the nutritionist’s office, I went home and typed ‘gestationaldiabetes.com’ and ‘gestationaldiabetesdiet.com’ in the web browser. To my surprise, neither site existed. Even more confused, I read a few of the results from a Google search but ended feeling no more informed than before searching.

Fast forward two years, after delivering a healthy baby, and another 13 months later without a gestational diabetes diagnosis, it occurred to me that others go through the exact circumstances I faced. Those feelings of wanting to provide for and protect Baby, but feeling overwhelmed and defeated are emotions that probably every gestational diabetes mother undergoes. So, looking to regain a sense of self, I created The Gestational Diabetic brand to serve the community. It started as an idea for a cookbook and very quickly morphed into a multifaceted brand that is determined to establish familiarity and trust, address the needs of the community and relieve some of Mama’s stress. Click here for a quick video about the brand.

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