We help the gestational diabetic adjust to her new diet by minimizing the complexity. We summarize the dietary requirements and actualize them into real meals. This frees Mommy from the overwhelming guesswork of how to balance this new lifestyle on top of everything else.

What is Gestational Diabetes (GD)?

In a nutshell, it’s high blood sugar in pregnant women, and it is managed with diet control and exercise.

Who can get GD and why?

Any woman can get GD; whether healthy, young, overweight, vegetarian, first pregnancy or fourth. There is no known direct cause.

Can it be prevented?

Not necessarily. Each body is different and it undergoes various changes during pregnancy. Even proper diet and exercise before pregnancy will not preclude you from possibly getting it.

I have GD; now what?

Understand that it’s not your fault! Your body is undergoing various chemical changes while growing a little human inside!

Your OB/GYN will likely refer you to an endocrinologist and dietitian, and you will have to test your blood sugar a few times a day. The dietitian will outline a diet best suited for you based on your glucose test result, and the endocrinologist will monitor your blood sugar numbers and the baby’s growth.

The goals are to keep your blood sugars within range and protect the baby in utero, during birth and after.

Where can I learn more?

Your doctors can give you reading materials. We found “Real Food for Gestational Diabetes: An Effective Alternative to the Conventional Nutrition Approach” to be a great, plainly-stated, in-depth resource.

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